BLOG YOUR WAY THE ATM Are you tired of your financial predicament and wants to make a change? Do you have a job but the salary is never enough? Does your company plan to lay off more of her staff members next year because of the harshness of the economic climate right now in the country or are you a student who is not satisfied with the lean allowances gotten from home? If your answer to any or all of the above questions is a “yes”, then, worry no more. You have come in contact with a permanent solution today! It is no longer news that Linda Ikeji bought a car worth 24 million naira last year and this year, she bought a mansion in Banana Island for a wooooping 600 million naira! What does she do? Simple--->>>she blogs! There is so much money in blogging if done the right way; from design, to domain name, to hosting server, to niche, keywords, content, SEO, and monetization! We know you want to get into blogging but don’t know how to get started, so we are here to help you launch your blogging career. We are a team of professional website and apps developers who have served several institutions and have built websites of diverse kinds. Below are some of what we will help you do so you can be ready to start making your money from the comfort of your home:

1. Free Domain Registration

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3. A clean professionally designed blog with as many pages and categories as you want with you logo and information

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5. Social Media Share & LIKE buttons will be included in the package alongside a Facebook Fanbox to reflect your Facebook page’s activities and followers

6. A mobile app for your blog with push notification so users will get an instant notification for every new post

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